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Our companies were founded by Halit Tunç in Konya in 1979. In recent years, our companies have been active in the retail sector and later were involved in the wholesale of pipe profile and sheet metal.

Expanded metal is made from sheet metal using a shearing process.
It is placed under the set of knives, cut and at the same time stretched - without penetrating - forming a uniform grid with a perfect pattern. Its solid composition leads to a very high strength ratio, unlike other products, such as welded or woven wire. There are no points at which material can be separated and, since it is a slot instead of perforation, very little waste is generated. Every year, the advantages and cost-effectiveness of this product attracts more and more customers, and its area of application expands. Our company annually invests in the development of the production of expanded metal in order to meet growing demand and maintain a leading position in the sector. In addition to carbon steel, the expanded metal can be made of aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel, copper, or other metals.
This product has a long-standing international practice of application and in recent years has been used in the design of facades, furniture and for industrial needs.
Expanded metal is a solid product. Its solid composition leads to a very high strength ratio, unlike other products, such as welded or woven wire.
Given the longevity of the product and low maintenance requirements, it is much more profitable than alternative products.
This type of sheet metal is produced using eccentric presses and special steel forms and is used for decorative and industrial needs.
There are many types of perforation; round, square, slot, triangular, etc. Perforated metal is used in the production of waste baskets, shopping baskets, balustrades, filtration systems, shelves, work surfaces, machine covers, the automotive industry, the agricultural sector and many other industrial fields.
It is made of carbon and galvanized steel or aluminum in hydraulic presses using decorative forms.
This type of metal is decorative and is used for door finish, protective coatings, ceiling and floor panels.
Plasma and oxygen cutting machines provide precise cutting of metal from 2 mm to 300 mm.
For bending work, a material with a thickness from 1.5 mm to 15 mm and a width of 4 meters can be used.
For cylindrical bending material can be used with a thickness of 30 mm and a width of 3 meters.
Metal sheets with 1.5m x1.5m dimensions, which were bent during cutting process, can be straightened in a special press.
ST-37, ST-44, ST-52 and ST-52 materials are constantly available and available for sale.